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  • 31Jan2015

    Call Us for All Your Home Renovations Needs

    Call Us for All Your Home Renovations Needs

    After settling into your home, it is normal to start thinking about how to improve it with various home renovations. It is important to note that as time passes you will feel the need to upgrade you home’s design and build so as to reflect current trends. These improvements not only improve the comfort of your home but also add to its value. Judging from the implications of home renovations, it is important to hire that right company to conduct eh necessary repairs and improvements in a bid to ensure that the desired results are achieved with the least hassle. At Haberfield Holdings Property Limited, we pride ourselves of being the best people to conduct various home renovations and improvement projects to achieve the desired outcome. We offer the following services in this field:

    Building Maintenance

    It is important to note that keeping your building in the best condition is the best way to ensure it is safe for occupation by your family as well as preserving and even enhancing its value. We are fully registered as commercial and residential builders. This qualifies us for working in building maintenance while observing all building codes and regulations. It is important to note that building codes for commercial and domestic buildings differ, and you should always look to hire qualified builders given the task at hand.

    Kitchen Renovations

    The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a home. Kitchen renovations are necessary in keeping this vital part of your home safe by upgrading electrical systems for all the appliances. Leaky faucets, which cause a lot of wastage will also be attended to by qualified personnel. It is important to note that your kitchen should be inviting and appealing at all times, our professional builders are up to the task and will cater to every aspect of your home’s kitchen.

    Bathroom Renovations

    Every space in your house can be renovated to not only restore its appeal but also reflect modern or preferred trends. We conduct bathroom renovations for customers looking to improve their bathrooms. It is important to note that the bathroom is one of the most frequented spaces in our homes and should, therefore, be appealing and most importantly functional. Our plumbing specialists will ensure that flawless functionality is restored in your bathroom while our in house designers upgrade it with your preferred designs in mind.

    Timber Flooring Renovations

    The appeal of timber flooring can be lost with time due to wear and tear. Creaking planks, as well as painful splinters, can have you dreading the thought of walking in your own house. Call us in to assess the situation and offer some options to fix your home’s timber flooring.

    At Haberfield Holdings Property Limited, we offer professional home renovations with utmost dedication to customer satisfaction. Our team of engineers, builders and designers will not rest until your home is restored to your preference.

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