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  • 23Sep2015

    Taking Care of your Timber Floor

    Taking Care of your Timber Floor

    Melbourne has the reputation of having a weather that changes quickly. At one moment, the sun is out and in a few minutes, rain starts to pour. One of the implications of the ever-changing weather is that it will have an impact on your home, even with timber flooring. While timber holds a number of benefits such as being aesthetically-pleasing, long lasting, and budget friendly, it can be sensitive to weather and temperature changes, which make it, require special attention and care.

    Practice Proper Cleaning

    This is perhaps the most important when it comes to timber flooring for your home. Regular cleaning will make it easy to prevent problems with appearance and functionality. With this, the following are some of the things that should be kept in mind when cleaning:

    • Sweep regularly so that dirt and dust won’t accumulate on the surface. When sweeping, see to it that a broom with soft bristles will be used so that it will not cause scratches on the surface.
    • Mopping with excessive water should never be done. Water is perhaps one of the biggest enemies of home timber flooring. It can cause an imbalance in moisture and can affect its appearance. If mopping is necessary, use one that is dry and one that is lint free.
    • Stay away from harsh chemicals. With the abundance of the cleaning materials for hard floors, make sure to pick one that is made from eco-friendly materials. This is good for the environment, for your health, and for maintaining the best appearance of the floor. White vinegar is one of the most popular cleaning materials used.

    Maintain the Right Temperature

    While you cannot control the weather outside, you have the power to control the temperature indoors. With this, make sure that the temperature is maintained to be as consistent as possible. Extreme changes in temperature can lead to serious problems, such as appearance of gaps. The moisture in the air, which also results from inconsistent temperature, can significantly ruin the beauty of the timber flooring of your home.

    Offer Protection

    Protection is one of the most crucial when it comes to taking care of timber flooring Melbourne. To offer protection, you can use area rugs or carpet, especially if there is high foot traffic. If you are using rugs, see to it that they have backing, which can help for trapping humidity.

    To make sure that your timber flooring at home will not be demanding in terms of maintenance and that it will deliver exceptional life span, trust only the experts.

    Haberfield Holdings is one of the best choices for high-quality timber installations that will withstand the test of time and require less effort when it comes to cleaning.

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