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  • 25Nov2014

    The Best Kitchen Renovation Tips by Haberfield holdings Melbourne

    The Best Kitchen Renovation Tips by Haberfield holdings Melbourne

    Without a doubt the kitchen is a major part of your home.  A new kitchen with beautiful cabinets, amazing dining table, a functional plumbing system, the right kind of wall painting and an equally adorable floor can make cooking an experience you look forward to!

    That's why we’ve written this article to give you the best tips in remodelling your cooking space making it a kitchen that’s easy to work, spacious and functional.


    We can never overlook the importance of planning. You can use the following questions as a guide to get a clear picture of the extent of kitchen renovation you need; 

    Is it of necessity to?

    1. Structurally alter the general look of the kitchen?
    2. Hire a plumber or an electrician because of plans to redo the plumbing and wiring?
    3. Incorporate new cabinets and shelves?
    4. Apply a new wall-painting?

    This seemingly simple list helps in calculating the duration as well as the cost of your project.


    Once you have the estimated duration and cost of the kitchen renovation, you will need to consult a number of experts depending on the nature of renovations you settled on in part-1 above. This is where we come in,

    a) An Interior designer if say you need to redo the kitchen cabinets, or totally change the look of the place including new painting and general look.

    b) A plumber and/or an electrician if you decide the plumbing or electrical wiring deserve a change.

    c) A carpenter who will put into effect the proposed changes in the cabinets, furniture based on your preferences and a professional point of view.

    d) A painter who will give you the best wall paintings for your wall and then you can pick what suits you most.

    Remember, you should never go to extremes as far as the details are concerned. The style of your kitchen should be in line with the rest of your house and a simple kitchen never goes out of fashion. All the best as you renovate your kitchen.

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