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  • 24Nov2014

    The Number One Renovation Company

    The Number One Renovation Company

    Haberfield holdings Melbourne is the number one highly reputed company which specializes in all trades regarding the construction industry. When dealing with us, customer satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.


    We specialize in a number of areas namely;

    1. Electrical Installations- they are involved in initial household wiring as well as re-doing household wiring.
    2. Water proofing membranes.
    3. Structural steel works
    4. Carpentry
    5. Fixing suspender ceilings and other plaster works
    6. All kinds of painting - interior and exterior 
    7. All kinds of flooring including timber and secret nailing

    The architectural extension of Haberfield Holdings provides highly qualified personnel who professionally design every bit of work based exclusively on the customers’ needs and preferences. 

    Our widely acclaimed renovations are the efforts of experts who assist in tasks such as designing and drafting the plans, acquiring permits and of course the final work. In order to make all this possible, important actions need to be undertaken first. This includes research, preparation of design and style, budget plans etc.

    We provide the highest quality in kitchen and bathrooms renovations. Bringing you ideas that are practical and innovative.

    We go an extra step and deal with project management too. Project management can be simply defined as an art which entails planning, sorting, conserving and overlooking resources in order to attain a specific goal. This ensures particular difference is or an extra value is attained with the aid of professional skills and management strategies.

    So, if your renovating, be it a room, the entire house, or even the household furnishing of your new home, Call us on 0411 134 993 today!

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