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  • 21Nov2014

    What to consider for Laundry Renovation

    What to consider for Laundry Renovation

    When it comes to home renovations, laundry rooms are often the most overlooked. Due to limited time and finances, we concentrate on rooms visitors easily access and since the job always gets done, the state of the laundry room gradually worsens year in year out.  To make the laundry room experience bearable and pleasant as well, some renovations once in a while are of utter importance.

    Before we look at things we should consider when planning laundry room renovations, I must say that ideal space is a must!

    1. Initial deliberations.

    Make a check list with the following questions;

    Is there a need to?

    1. Structurally altering the space?
    2. Redo plumbing or wiring?
    3. Incorporate laundry facilities into a bathroom?
    4. Install a new drain and sub-floor waterproof membrane?

    The above considerations not only greatly give a sense of direction but also planning for the time and money to allocate on the endeavour.

    2. Professional advice.

    Having acquired the cost of the project from the review as well as the nature of renovations you are going to undertake, it is wise to consult the any of the following professionals.

    • Interior designer
    • A Plumber
    • An Electrician
    • A Carpenter
    • A flooring specialist
    • And lastly a Painter

    Like any other project we set out to accomplish, there are some common mistakes people make which you can totally avoid. For example when you Schedule contractors’ incorrectly or too close, the work will be poorly done or you’ll end up having to spend more than you had anticipated because of having to recall some of the contractors. Coming up with impractical layouts is another blunder.

    During the planning stage, one may not fully appreciate the amount of time and costs that will go into the project. Lastly, one may fail to allocate enough space for functional which includes space for movement, tools as well as easy way out in case of work related emergencies.

    In conclusion, although it’s certain you’ll spend time at the laundry room, we have left it to be one of those dull and ‘boring’ rooms you’d rather spend the shortest time as possible in. but with a little renovation here and there, we can make our experiences there as enjoyable as possible. You don’t have to fly off to Dubai or wherever to get designer touches, a simple touch of what is required plus a mix of your preferences will do.

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