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Property Services in Melbourne

Haberfield Holdings provides a wide range of activities and services to our customers. These services include:

Renovations :

With the help of our experts we perform other activities of renovations through drafting, designing, Taking permission and then final building. In order to have a proper renovation there are some steps which needs to be followed like preparation, research, design and style, Layout and sketch, architect and plan, budget and resale, and then legal.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundries Renovations :

We take care of the activities of designing and offer great range of products and design with practical and innovative ideas and solutions for kitchen renovations, bathrooms renovations, laundries renovations etc. We are one of the best quality providers all over the world.

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Architectural Extension and Restoring

Architectural New Homes :

It deals with the activities we carry out in order to construct a newly built house with effects of architectural designing and heavy works. There are some steps to build our new home like planning our budget, choosing the option, lining up the team, pick a plan and then to negotiate the contract.

Restoring Heritage Buildings :

Restoring is the process of preserving the heritage building for other purposes in order to preserve the raw materials and other sources of construction. As they are valuable materials we provide the facility to restore them to make it useful for other purpose.

Architectural Extension :

Here we provide the facility of a highly qualified personal for designing the works as per the customers needs. We have new portfolio for our every proposals and therefore plan in making it successful with the help of dedicated staffs and engineers.

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Glass and Perspex verandahs :

This facility provided by us is one of the luxurious and contemporary lifestyles attracting the attention of the customers. It provides a protected area even during the times of rain and can be used for garden also. It gives a richer look to the residential areas.

Project Management :

It is defined as the act of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources so as to achieve a specific goal. We take it generally to bring a specific change or to bring an additional value with the help of technical skill and management strategies.

Timber Flooring

Here we provide wide variety of timber with attractive designs so as to make it look more attractive and beautiful. All types of timber flooring are done by us with perfection.

Entire Timber Beam Works :

It refers to the method of creating structures using heavy timber works with the help of brick, clay and plasters. It might be on temporary on permanent basis.

Structural Steel Works

We deal with the structural steel work designing and folding, laser cutting, welding etc in order to design the products of steel so as to have a unique look or image in the eyes of our customers.

Metal Partitioning :

Without losing any data we do the metal partitioning activity for the benefits of our customers and as far as their interest is concerned.

Suspended Ceilings

We have a wide range of products with the advice of the experts and other details in accordance with other effects in office, house, shop etc. We ensure reasonable prices with best effects to its clients.

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Building Maintanance

Plastering - box section - square edge:

We have different types of plastering being taken care of in all the aspects of styles and design by taking care of plastering tips and how to give a proper effect to it without any hindrances and losses.

All types of wall claddings :

We undertake all types of wall claddings with proper furnishing and fitting activities. Starting from purchase of raw material to its fitting is taken care of without any difficulty.

Blue boards (fire rated walls) :

These are activities to be mostly known as plasterboards which are like drywall construction requiring the talent of our staffs as it requires hand finishing and joints.

Water proofing - retainer walls :

As it is considered highly risk in waterproofing industry, unless it becomes 100 % defect free. Even a well constructed wall has the problem of water resistance so a strong retainer wall must be constructed in order to avoid these problems as more of them are being subjected to hydrostatic pressure.

All types of welding :

We do take care of all types of welding like gas welding and cutting, arc welding, gas metal-arc welding, gas tungsten-arc welding etc. These are the other services that we offer to our customers.

Entire aspects of plumbing :

At present we do take care of pipe fittings and exchange, tubing and fixtures. These are generally done in the cases of drainage pipes, filters, water tanks and in other places wherever necessary. The entire work of plumbing is done by us.

Roofing - plumbing :

We provide professional with best materials at an amazing prices. At the same time we take care of the metal roof fixing, gutters, downpipes etc.

Leveling (layouts) :

We work out with the surveys of the topics and do the research as to find the elevation at any point of time. It is the process of measuring the heights using optical instruments with a numbered scale.

Electrical :

We often deal with all sorts of electrical items like DVD player, LCD, Televisions etc. and even their sales and service activities.

Carpentry :

Apart from other activities we with the help of craftsman construct and maintain building, furniture which may require lots of labor and manpower.

Sub floor :

Sub floor refers to the floor beneath the decorated floor by the means of tiles or any other covering. We do give such sort of services to our customers with the ultimate aim of satisfying their needs.

Frames and Trusses:

We are able to provide prompt service to our customers and ensure them the quality of the products by supplying them at the correct delivery date and time.

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