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Structural Steelworks in Melbourne

Number one problem of structural steel is corrosion.

The extent of corrosion of structural steelwork determines durability and overall longevity of the material. People do not know this, but there are cost-effective ways to prevent and minimise the effects of corrosion. There are a lot of available steel work arrangements that are used in almost all building structures so that ensuring its durability as well as finding a trusted source of high-quality structures is paramount.

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Factors that Contribute to the Extent of Corrosion

Surface Wetness

Surface wetness is one of the the main factor that may contribute to the corrosion process. The total length of time the structural steelwork is exposed to the wetness is considered; the increase the length of time, the higher the corrosion rate. It is, therefore, important to note that it is unnecessary to paint or use coating application on steels with unavailability of water.

Environmental Pollutants

Atmospheric pollution also contributes to structural steel corrosion. Sulphates that are emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels are one of the major sources of corrosion. Steelworks exposed in an environment with high rates of combustion such as highly industrialised areas are prone to corrosion. Steelworks in the marine environment is exposed to another factor of corrosion, which is chloride. At least two kilometres from the coast is considered belonging to the marine environment. Structural steelwork Melbourne that is continuously exposed to the above factors are encouraged to be applied with paint and coating to finish.

General Tips to Prevent Corrosion

Structural steel can be protected from the harmful effects of dirt and moisture by avoiding the creation of cavities within the steel. It is also advisable to use welded joints and avoid the use of bolted joints. It should be continuously exposed to air so make sure that the structure is air-dried consistently. Whenever necessary, it is important to drain holes.

Avoid unnecessary contact with other materials that may contribute to corrosion. This can be done by avoiding bimetallic contact or connections. A good tip is to insulate the ends of structural steel. The depth of the cove and the concrete must also be observed. Do not expose sealed components to hot-dip galvanisation. Remember that large surface area can be easily protected compared to surface with complicated shapes.

Haberfield Holdings provides solutions for projects that deal with extension and renovation, removal of existing walls and extending new foundations for a new sub floor.

Find a Good Dealer of Structural Steel Works

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